Beekly Referral Letter

It is with some pleasure that I write regarding your efforts in the restoration of my Aunts residence in Empire, GA. It was a trauma as all home fires seem to be and your companies personal efforts to accomplish the restoration of not only her house but helping to put her back into her life were admirable.

My family has been in the township of Empire for over a century and a lot of the losses in this fire were historical as well as personal. My Aunt had several physical limitations and because of my distance from her home, it was reassuring that your company was willing to assist her with simple trips to the insurance meetings and trips to the store as well as guiding her through the possibilities of improvements during reconstruction, and through it all you attempted to preserve what could be salvaged and improve what need to be rebuilt.

Your willingness to allow me to participate in the renovation and reconstruction design of the residence made a significant difference in her comfort but also in her quality of life. I have been designing residences for over 4.5 years and I know as well as anyone that local knowledge and contacts with qualified subcontractors and governmental agencies can make all the difference in the success of a project. Your design skills and economic sensibilities coupled with your access to local, skilled talent, made all the difference in this project.

Your company showed up from day one with enthusiasm and diligence. In spite of intractable nit-pie.king on the part of the adjusters, your company stayed focused and on schedule even, at times, when It was financially challenging.

It was a pleasure working with such a competent and caring organization and though I would not like to have to endure the trauma of another fire restoration, I would happily look forward to any construction project that included your companies skill and integrity.

Thank you, to all of your company, for making this trauma endurable and for being there at every step of the way for my Aunts needs. It has been a pleasure and a comfort to know that she has been assisted with such good skills and constant diligence.
My best hopes for your continued success,

Bruce Beery
Beery Associates

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