Your dream home can become a reality with the experienced team at Fetter Construction. We don’t rest until we see the joy on your face as your custom house becomes a custom home.

Ross Fetter of Fetter Construction has been building custom homes since 1987. Whether you are developing new land or rebuilding, we can design and build your dream home.

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Custom Home – Dutchollow Area Modesto

Having a custom home built can be a stressful process. At Fetter, we take the stress and worry away by managing the majority of your project in-house.

Custom Home Built in Modesto

Why Have a Custom Home Build?

A growing number of Modesto area residents are having custom homes built because access to information and skilled labor has never been easier. Home owners also want the ability to customize their home to fit their needs.

Modern Design:
Most homes are built based on a few different model designs. This does not give the homeowner much room for customization. A custom home allows the homeowner the ability to custom design each room to give their home a look and usability they will enjoy for years to come. Say no to the cookie cutter style homes you see all throughout Modesto and the surrounding area.

Modern Technology:
Subdivision homes often come with outdated technology. The modern homeowner wants the latest technology in their home and the ability for the home to be somewhat future proof in this day and age where technology advances so quickly. Your custom home will be designed to fit the technology and entertainment needs that are specific to you.

Energy Efficiency:
Today’s homes that are being custom-built are constructed with the most energy-efficient materials, and that translates to lower utility bills and higher resale value.

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