Your needs have probably changed as you have spent more time in your home. A living room might not provide enough functional space anymore. Adding an additional bedroom might be needed for your growing family or so that the grand babies have a room of their own when they come visit.

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Living Room Remodel – Design & Update

Many of our customers have told us that they simply didn’t use a room in their house because it wasn’t functional for their needs. That can be changed by redesigning the room and its layout to transform it into a place you only imagined could exist in your home.

Master Bedroom Remodel – Hidden Walk-In Closet

We spend a good portion of our lives in our bedrooms. A bedroom should be a place of comfort and rest. We can redesign and remodel your bedroom making it a place you can’t wait to spend time in.

Bathroom Remodel – Design & Update

We can transform that hallway guest bathroom into a room that will impress friends and family when they visit. From custom sinks and countertops to breathtaking finished walls, Fetter Construction has the design and construction experience to bring your dreams to life.

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