McFadden Referral Letter

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everybody at Restoration Resources By Fetter for everything that you have done to return my house and my life back to normal. After the fire, my house was a total disaster and I had no idea where to begin or what to do. I’ve always done my best to prevent fire hazards in the house and figured that was good enough. Not once did I ever think about what I would do if there ever was an actual fire. I figured prevention would be enough. I was wrong.

After the smoke cleared I spoke to the insurance adjuster and their recommended contractor and had concerns about their competence. They could not really even describe the damage to me or what would be required to repair the damage. One thing I did know is that insurance companies do not like to pay out on claims and will try to low-ball the estimates and cut corners whenever possible.

That’s where Restoration Resources came to the rescue. After speaking to Charles Mac for a few moments I knew, without a doubt, who I wanted representing my interests in dealings with the insurance company. He was so professional and able to explain everything in such great detail that he made the insurance adjuster and their recommended contractor look like beginners on their first job.

l was very impressed with the way you walked the house with the insurance adjuster and covered every inch of every room and itemized every single detail of the repairs. Because you did this the insurance was not able to cut comers or low ball the estimate and the insurance settlement was fair.

When I met with you and Charles in person there was no question in my mind that I had made the right decision in going with you. From the very beginning, you guided me through every step of the process, explaining everything in such great detail that you calmed all of my fears. There were no surprises during the repair process and you coordinated everything so well that the entire job flowed smoothly without a hitch.

Everybody in your office was pleasant and a joy to work with while taking care of the paperwork. Even when the insurance company and the mortgage company made mistakes, the people in your office were always patient, friendly, cooperative, and very informative whenever I had questions.

Restoration Resources delivers what they promise, a job well done. My house ended up in better condition after you fixed it than it was before the fire. The kitchen is absolutely beautiful and it looks brand new. The rest of the house only suffered smoke damage but it was repaired and cleaned so well that it could pass as new, even though the house is almost 45 years old. Actually “cleaned” is an understatement, you “purified” the house leaving no trace of fire or smoke damage.

I would highly recommend your services to family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances if they’re ever in need of quality, first rate, construction work. I pray that I never have another fire but if do, you are the only people that I will do business with!
I thank God for sending the Restoration Resources team to my rescue.

You are a Godsend. Thank You for everything.

Nick McFadden

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