Moore Referral Letter

My house burnt down completely in the middle of the night. The next morning we had a lot of companies and people show up, it was pretty overwhelming. Restoration Resources was the only one that cared about helping us and we could tell that they were right for the job. Ross and Daniel explained that they could take care of everything and its all part of their services. I did not know what “everything” was until they explained -the phone calls with the insurance, the meetings with the adjusters, the phone calls with my mortgage company, the meetings with the mortgage companies inspectors, the paperwork to be filled out, and so on -it was endless! I work full time and have two boys to look after. I was not going to have enough time to take care of this by myself and I needed professional help.

It was a very complicated process dealing with the insurance and the coverage’s on all the building departments’ code requirements. Ross took care of it all and he was actually able to rebuild more than we had before. We could have had a lot less and easily been taken advantage of but Ross looked out for our best interest. The house turned out great, even better than before!

I would definitely recommend Restoration Resources to ANYONE under those circumstances. They really did go above and beyond and did everything they said they would. My house turned out perfect, I couldn’t ask for more.

Thanks again,
Stacie Moore

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