Naranjo Referral Letter

I would like to thank Restoration Resources by Fetter for helping me restore my home after experiencing a kitchen fire.

I had never experienced a fire before and did not know what was going to be involved to get my house back to normal again. I hired a Public Adjuster to help me with the loss, they suggested several contractors talk with but told me the decision of who to hire was mine.

I spoke to several fire restoration contractors and made the choice to hire Restoration Resources by Fetter.

Restoration Resources took over from there, they kept me informed during the restoration and handled all the necessary paperwork and phone calls with my mortgage company. I was able to focus on my work and continue on with my normal life.

The fire destroyed only a few things but the smoke was all over everything. Ross and his crew removed damaged materials, cleaned and applied special sealers so that now my house is clean and fresh. Ross designed a new modern kitchen layout and helped with the colors, it looks like it should be in a magazine. They also fixed a number of issues that weren’t part of the fire at no extra cost.

I am very happy with the restoration of my home, it is even better than before!

Thank you, Ross and all of the teams that helped put my house back together.
lsabel Naranjo

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