Perry Referral Letter

On January 17, 2012, our house caught on fire with the popping of a circuit breaker. We have designed and built this house over 30 years ago and remodeled and enlarged it in the late 80s. The majority of the house was destroyed which left us afraid we would not be able to restore it to its original. We knew we could not handle the rebuild by ourselves so we hired a public adjuster. We also had to hire a contractor. We narrowed down our choices to Fetter Restoration and one other company. We researched both contractors and they were equal in appearance. Fetter was our first choice, but the second company offered us more than restoration to be a place to show clients to demonstrate their work. Needless to say it made business sense for them as they were just moving into the area.

The contents were done and the clean up was started. It was time to work on rebuilding. By this time the original contact from the company changed jobs and the new person couldn’t remember who we were and the architect would not listen to me when I talked to him. We were utterly frustrated. We let them go and asked Ross Fetter to take over. He did and put us amazingly on track to having our house back. The plans were already passed by the county and Ross said he could use them, even though they were wrong, and he would make sure the errors were corrected as we went along. The house and the yard were cleaned up of debris and the rebuilding was started. Ross worked with Concordia, our claims adjuster, to keep things moving and that we had the monies to do what we were required to do to rebuild our home.

We were still concerned that our house would be restored, building practices have changed and codes have changed. Ross followed through on everything he said. We raised our children in that house and Ross helped us reset the floor plan to meet our needs at this point in our life and he made the impact of the new rules work. There are always little details to be worked out. Ross would research and solve the problems that came up and made the mandatory changes while preserving the uniqueness of our house.

Ross has been so easy to work with and he listens and genuinely pays attention so that the house is a reflection of you. At this point in our life, this whole process was overwhelming and Ross took so much of the stress of it all off our backs. He has such a good eye for color, style, and serviceability. He did the work and we made the final decisions. As one friend said, “It’s your house, only better.” We raised our children in this house and it had been well cared for and improved over the years and to be able to feel and see the original house and appreciate the new of it was a special talent.

Thank you, Ross and all your people for the great job.
Dave and Char Perry

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