Wesson Referral Letter

The fire in my home was unexpected and happened very quickly, the damage was extensive; the walls, floors, cabinets and appliances were ruined.

Although the fire department had responded quickly, the water from the fire hoses and the hoses themselves created as much of a mess as the fire, plus smoke had gone all through the house. It was a mess and I needed to get my house back in order. I knew Ross Fetter from several other projects he had done for me in the past and l knew I could count on him to help me with this one.

Ross Fetter, his crew, and staff have an excellent reputation, they responded quickly and took care of what needed to be done. He worked with my insurance adjuster to help determine the scope of the claim and assisted me in the process. Everything was put back together better than it was before!

I would like to thank Ross and his crew for helping me and making the whole process as easy and as stress-free as possible.

Walter P. Wesson, III…”Buddy”

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